Maharana Pratab Sagar Sanctuary

About Maharana Pratap Sagar Sanctuary.

Himachal Pradesh is the natural abode of many wildlife animals and birds. Tourists gather here to get a taste of nature, refreshing atmosphere and the numerous wildlife species found here. Himachal Pradesh is a great destination for trekking, jungle safaris, wildlife education and bird watching. Around 37, 691 sq km of this state is certified as forest areas. The natural beauty here is breathtaking. The Gorgeous Mountains, snowcapped glaciers, serene rivers and enchanting lakes bring together the concept of heaven on Earth.

Maharana Pratap Sagar Sanctuary is located at in the picturesque snow clad mountains of the Himalayas. It is one of the lake sanctuaries of Himachal Pradesh. This sanctuary is commonly called as the Pong dam. It is located in the Kangra district, at a distance of 55 km from Dharamshala. The sanctuary is covering an area of 45,000 hectares. This sanctuary has added the attraction level of this state to the next level. Tourists from around the world find there way to visit this place in high spirits.

Every year more than 200 species of migratory birds visit this sanctuary every other year. The reservoir is flocked by birds like migratory ducks from far off places like Siberia in the winter. This sanctuary can be termed as the ‘Bird Watcher’s’ Heaven. This spot was declared as a Bird Sanctuary in 1983.

The Maharana Pratap Sagar Sanctuary provides great picturesque views Alpine forest and snow clad mountains. The lush scenery around here, the pristine lake and the flocking birds are a treat for the eye. The peaceful environment around here can be very soothing for the human mind.

This region is also a potent place of sprawling fauna and flora. The valley is also home for the Black Buck and Cheetals, Surkhab, Cranes, Pintails etc. More than 27 varieties of Fish are found in the sanctuary’s lake. Some of the species of fish found here are, Labeo Dero , Labeo Rohita, Labeo Calbasu, Tor Putitora and Mystus Seenghala etc. Fishing is a major activity here.More than thousand Fishermen’s families are dependant from the annual catch which value exceeds over a crore. You can also indulge in the interesting activities like swimming, water skiing, surfing, rowing and sailing etc.

But the Maharana Pratap Sanctuary is mainly known as for the attractions of birds. Bird lovers and Bird Watcher’s can expect to see Black-headed Gulls, Plovers, Terns, Red Necked Grebes, Water fowl Egrets and of course Ducks. It is the visiting destination of hundreds of beautiful and freedom loving birds. The congregations of birds are more prominent during the period of November to March. To top that all this place is also the shelter for Barking deer, Wild Boars and The Leopards.

Best Time To Visit

November to March.

How to Go

By Train: The nearest Indian Railway stations are at Mukerian and Pathankot, at a distance of 30 km and 32 km respectively.

By Air:This location is situated at a distance of 170 km from Chandigarh, 110 km from Amritsar, and 55 km from Dhraramshala. Regular buses ply this sanctuary to all the major places of Himachal Pradesh. StateHimachal Pradesh.

By Road: The distance from Shimla is 76 Km, on the Shimla Bilaspur Highway. You can take a walk from nearby Kashlog to the sanctuary.

Jeep safaris are not available here due too steep and rugged terrains. Trekking through nature trails and unwinding in the pollution free environment from any kind of stress can be the best way to spend time here.

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