Majathal Sanctuary

About Majathal Sanctuary.

Himachal Pradesh is the natural abode of many wildlife animals. Tourists gather here to get a taste of nature, refreshing atmosphere and the numerous wildlife species found here. Himachal Pradesh is a great destination for trekking, jungle safaris, wildlife education and bird watching. Around 37, 691 sq km of this state is certified as forest areas. The natural beauty here is breathtaking. The picturesque mountains, snowcapped glaciers, flowing rivers and enchanting lakes bring together the concept of heaven on earth.

Majhathal Sanctuary is a gorgeous sanctuary basedd in Shimla and Solan Districts of Himachal Pradesh. It is located about 10 km Karaghat (Shimla-Bilaspur Highway) to Kashlog. From Kashlog you have to hoof to reach the destination. It is situated at an altitude of 900 to 1,966 m above sea level. The total area of this sanctuary covers 39.4 sq km. It was established in 1962 (first notified) and March (1974 re-notified).

This sanctuary is considered as ideal spot for the trekkers and leisure backpackers. This sanctuary is spreading across very steep and rugged Himalayan terrains, away from habitation of Himachal Pradesh, which shelters rare breeds like Gorals and Cheer Pheasants. You can catch them with your unhindered and breeding in their natural habitat. Arrangements can be done there for tent accommodation for visitors. This could be a great opportunity to stay and experience the thrill within the wildlife neighborhood.

The forest inherits the dry temperate type of the Himalayas. It covers the lower elevations of the west Himalayan region. The temperature here ranges from 1 to 29 degree centigrade. So you can visit this sanctuary any time of the year. But during the period of July to September, i.e. the monsoon season it rains up to 1040 millimeters. So try to avoid this period to evade chances of getting stuck because of landsides. The best time recommended to come to this place is winter.

Flora at the Majathal Sanctuary.

The Majathal Sanctuary is plush with green layers of grass. The forest is densely covered with oak trees of ban, kharsu and moru species. Chir Pine is the only conifer that grows in this region.

Fauna at the Majathal Sanctuary.

Majathal Sanctuary is known for the habitat of endangered species like Cheer Pheasants and Gorals. The Gorals are mountain goats with curved horns. Cheer Pheasant is a wild bird having a long tail and the eyes encircled with crimson. A few other animals to be seen here are, Leopard, Black Bear, Barking Deer, Jungle cat, Himalayan palm civet and Langur etc. Birders can keep their eyes open for species like White Beaked Vulture, Black Francolin and Kaleej pheasants etc.

How to Go

By Train: The nearest Indian Railway Station is at Kalka at a distance of 96 km.

By Air: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti at a distance of 23 km.

By Road: The distance from Shimla is 76 Km, on the Shimla Bilaspur Highway. You can take a walk from nearby Kashlog to the sanctuary.

Jeep safaris are not available here due too steep and rugged terrains. Trekking through nature trails and unwinding in the pollution free environment from any kind of stress can be the best way to spend time here.

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