Renuka Sanctuary

About Renuka Sanctuary.

The Renuka Sanctuary is located in the Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh nearly 170 KM from Shimla. It is a major Tourist spot with lakes and Temples which attract a lot of people from everywhere. It has also been accepted and coined as an Abhayaranya. Spread in an area of about 402 Hectares, the flora and fauna of the Renuka Sanctuary tends to offer more than asked for! Besides this, there is roughly an area of about 300 Hectares that has been declared as a buffer belt.

The Historical Legends.

The popular mythology that exists behind the temples of this area is that, Mata Renuka ji and her son Lord Parshuram who are also worshipped as the human incarnations of Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu respectively lived and breathed the very air of this terrain thousands of years ago. To follow the command of his father and trapped in a tricky situation of time, Lord Parshuram had to carry out the inhuman task of decapitating the head of his own mother Renukaji. However, later, he prayed to his father to put life back into his mother which he agreed without demur.

Then there was this foul Emperor Sahastarvahu killed Rishi Yamadagni and his four sons in order to marry Renuka ji. To save herself from the Emperor, Renukaji jumped into the Ramsarover Lake and sacrificed her life. To honor her, the lake has been worshipped as the Renuka Lake since then.

Flora and Fauna

The Renuka Sanctuary is nature’s home to plantations like Shuisham, Carrie, Cordia, Lucinea, Terminalia, Khair and several other climbers.

Living creatures here include the famous Barking deer, Spotted deer, Leopard, Jackal, the large grey Indian Antelope or Nilgai, Peacocks, Wild cats, Hare, Porcupine, Blue Jay, Hill Crow, Bulbul, Green Pigeons, Coots, Drongos, the Black Partridge etc. Besides these, it is home to a thousand colorful butterflies.

The Renuka Zoo is the oldest known Zoo in the Himachal Pradesh. It was established in the year 1957, Later to accommodate the growing number of wild animals, an Open Park was set up in the year 1983. The Department of Forest provides its willing visitors an armored vehicle to go on a Lion Safari in the vicinity of the Zoo.

How to Go

By Train: Take a Train to Ambala.

By Air: The nearest Airport is Shimla

By Road: The Nearest spot is Nahan (40-45 KM)

Major Attractions: Lions and other wild animals.

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